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December 26 2014


Leaving to Buy an Electric Shaver? Remember these 3 Things!


Electric shavers have become an integral part of life for many males settled globally. In fact this simple instrument plays an important role in your facial appearance and presentation. There are literally hundreds of manufacturing firms, operating in this business. The selection of a suitable machine can prevent your time, money and enhance the way you look as well. Following are some tips, for all those who are intended in procuring an electric shaver.

1. Choose a Suitable One

Generally speaking, electric shavers are designed with two possible operating mechanisms. Underlying reason on which basis they are classified is actually how the shaver’s blade or cutting had moves. There are two kind of possible motions;

 - Rotary or Circulatory Motion

 - Oscillatory or Vibratory motion

The compatibility factor of a shaver for a specific individual actually depends upon the type of its blades motion, while each of them comes with certain pros and cons. Rotary shavers are best suited for those, who don’t shaves frequently and have thin and longer facial hairs. The other kind of shavers available is Foil. Foil shavers incorporates multiple blades which operates in an oscillatory motion. The term, Foil refers to a thin and perforated metallic sheet that guides the hairs directly towards blades. Foil shavers are more helpful for people, who used to shape every day and want a close shape.

2. Prefer Settled Brands

Fortunately, when it comes about electric shaver’s products numerous settled and well known brands can be found in market like,







In fact, the availability precuts in a wide range makes it possible for you to choose one from an established manufacturers as per your budget. There are many low quality products available in market as well. Such products are offered in cheap priced and sometimes with exotic promotional offers. But, the poor quality of such products will cause you to suffer a loss in longer run.

3. Design Features

The trend of an ongoing evolution in Electric Shaver design features can be observed in market. Some times stylish and high tech looking designs may lead you to an unpleasant and uncomfortable shaving experience. Always, consider the designs which seem more practical to operate. See whether you can grip the machine properly or not, and if it’s going to be a difficult one to maneuver it. Some other features are, the battery installed and ease of maintenance. 


Electric Shavers: Things Which Gives Them an Edge!


The use of technology can be observed in each department of life. Electric shaver is also an example, how day to day matters of an individual can be made more comfortable and fast. These kinds of shavers do exist, for quite a longer time now. But the recent developments and advancements in their design features have made them even smarter and useful. There are certain features of electric shavers which makes them a better choice if we compare them with conventional shaving tools. Following are some benefits of Electric Shavers.

1. Shave Safe

 Cuts and wounds are pretty common with general razor shaving. But electric shavers are designed in a way that, the fast moving or oscillating sharp edged blade doesn’t make a direct contact with skin. The chances of getting hurt or cut while shaving with a machine are minimum and almost nil if they are operated properly. The cutting blades and skin are kept a part up to a safe distance by means of perforated metal foil. Hairs are allowed to pass through the tiny pore of that foil with no direct contact between skin and blades. On the other hand, shaving with a hand held sharp edge blades equipped razor may lead to painful cuts even for a small mishandling.

2. Portability

Electrical Shavers are designed completed portable. Whatever required making perfect shave comes within them. This feature makes these shavers easily manageable. You don’t require carrying several items with you while travelling. What all you need, is the electric shaving unit itself and its charger.

3. Cost Cutting

Generally speaking, electrical shaver remains in fine condition for a long period of time. Their blades are designed with specially designed rust free alloys which keep them safe from getting rusted or wear. Generally speaking, application of shaving foam isn’t also a necessary thing to be used while shaving with a n electric shaver.  So, conclusively it could be said that one time investment in an electric shaver will keep you away from reoccurring expenses which are encountered with conventional shaving techniques.

4. Reduce Shaving Times

For many of us, sparing adequate time for shave, especially in working day mornings remains a difficult thing to do an Electric Shaver is best answer. With these fast shavers, overall shaving time can be reduced to half of that time which is required to get the job with a conventional method. This feature makes them best suited for those who use to shave daily! 

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